Anti-Allergen - 'Scrubs Natural' Liquid Hand Wash

Anti-Allergen - 'Scrubs Natural' Liquid Hand Soap _ 5Litre


Environmentally Responsible

Anti-Allergen - 'Scrubs Natural' LIQUID HAND WASH

'Ready-to-Use CONCENTRATE'

Anti-Allergen - No Synthetic Fragrance or Colour

Sadie's suggests you keep an economical Bulk Pack handy to refill your Hand Wash Dispensers in the Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry or Workshop.

Ready to Use; do not dilute.

Use widely; for mechanics/ metal workers/ gardeners/ kitchen hands (before and after handling chicken/ fish/ meat)/ schools/ child care- kinders/ aged care.... anyone - anywhere!  

This formulation contains a moisturiser for the dryest hands.

Simply moisten the hands, add 3 to 6ml of 'Scrubs', wash thoroughly and rinse off with fresh, clean water.

Air or towel dry.

pH8 in concentrate                                              170 Washes per Litre                                  Shelf Life: 2 Years

Contains:  Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate/ Cocamige DEA/ Coco Betaine/ Citric Acid/ Filtered Water

Medical: Avoid contact with eyes… Flush with fresh clean water & seek medical assistance.

Avoid swallowing… Drink milk or water & immediately seek medical help.

Storage: Keep away from Food Stuff.  Avoid heat and sunlight 

 Shake before decanting & use

Anti-Allergen - 'Scrubs Natural' Liquid Hand Wash - 15Litre