sadie's star performer 5litre
'Star Performer' Oven/ Grill / BBQ Cleaner & Degreaser

This product was developed following a Choice Report' on Oven Cleaners; whereby, most current cleaners they tested contained harsh chemicals and some contained Carcinogenic Gas.... And of these many Did Not Even Clean!!

Sadie's 'Star Performer10' is free of harsh chemicals and harmful propellent or other harmful gases & foam.  It is bio-degradeable, safe & easy to use.... And it Cleans!

However, we recommend the normal safety precautions are taken - keep clear & store out of reach of children.

Oven Cleaning: Remove all metal wire supports & spray the oven inside top, rear panel, sides then base…. Allow a soak for 5 to 10 minutes then agitate with a soap Jex pad or scraper alternative…. Simply remove all waste & carbon residue with a hot damp clean (microfiber) cloth…. ½ fill the sink with warm/ hot water; stack the wire racks across the sink and spray the bundle together…. Soak/ agitate/ and rinse in the sink similar as before…. Easy!!

Drain the sink and wipe down bench area for a ‘Star Performance’.

Hot Plate Cleaning: Surface temperature to be less than 80C… Spray Star Performer on surface and leave to soak for 10 to 15 minutes… Remove carbon build-up with a scraper or steel wool… remove loose residue… wash with hot clean water, wipe clean & allow to air dry.

Fryer Cleaning: Remove fryer oil & fill with clean hot water to 90% ‘oil fill level’ then add One litre of Star Performer to 10Litre of fryer capacity... Switch on fryer – set temperature to 90C for 30 minutes… Turn Off – allow to cool & drain to waste… remove loose remains with scraper or steel wool… Spray rinse with clean hot water and air dry.   

Tea/Coffee Cup Stain Remover: Just spray directly into the stained cup or ceramic container… If there is tarnished cutlery, include these in the container too…. Allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes then wipe the stained surface with a scorer pad – the cutlery will require rubbing with a hot damp rough cloth.

Table Top Cleaning: Simply spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth or alternative…. For heavy stains, allow the spray to soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

Safety Precautions:

All cleaning products MUST BE STORED out of reach of children.

All cleaning products MUST BE HANDLED WITH CARE.

When Cleaning the Oven, Please use gloves, and protective glasses/ goggles when using this product as it is ‘water hungry’ and any small amount in the eyes will sting.

For everyday spray & wipe, you will find that goggles & gloves are unnecessary if caution is practiced.

Medical: Avoid contact with eyes… Flush with fresh clean water & seek medical assistance.

Avoid swallowing… Drink milk or water & immediately seek medical help.

Storage: Keep away from Food Stuff, avoid heat and sunlight


'Star Performer' - 5Litre


'Star Performer' - 10Litre


'Star Performer' - 15Litre


'Star Performer' - 20Litre