'Vanish' Carpet Spot Remover & Fabric Cleaner

'Vanish' Carpet Spot Remover & Fabric Cleaner _ 2Litre


Environmentally Sustainable

'Ready-to-Use CONCENTRATE'

'Vanish' Carpet Spot Remover & Fabric Cleaner 

Suitable for woollen blend and nylon carpet & fabrics.

Vacuum the carpet or fabric, then simply spray a SMALL amount to the effected area and rub with a clean moist rough cloth, in a N/S & E/W direction. 

Dry finish with a Sadie's MicroFibre Cloth in a rotary motion. 

p.H8 in concentrate                                                                                    Shelf Life 2 years

Contains: Anionic surfactants/ Non-ionic surfactants/ Ethoxylated compounds/ Glycols/ Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate/ Cocamige DEA/ Coco Betaine/ Citric Acid/ Butyl Icinol/ Sodium Tripolyphosphate/ EDTA/  Filtered Water…………….

SHAKE before USE

'Vanish' Carpet Spot Remover & Fabric Cleaner _ 5Litre