'Zink' Dish Wash Liquid

Sadie’s formulated this product using derivatives of coconut oil and natural minerals so that it is 'Safe for Kids to use'... invite them to do the dishes!!! … “It won’t hurt them!!” Instructions are on the container.


This safe solution delivers a squeaky clean sound to dishes, glasses and stainless steel pots.       

The sink will remain free of a grease ring when drained and rinsed.


Sadie's Dishwashing Liquid contains a mild Lemon Grass fragrance; it is a gentle & creamy solution that includes a 'Grease Munching Surfactant.'

The surfactant in Sadie' Dish Washing Liquid is readily biodegradable according to Australian Standards A.S 4351-2/1996


People suffering with Dermatitis of their hands, may see an improvement after using this product in comparison to other dishwashing products.

Environmentally Responsible



Lemongrass Fragrance

Use sparingly [2 to 4 pumps (6-8ml)] in clean, cold or warm water; depending on the amount of ‘grease’ and  ‘baked-on soil’.. etc.


 pH8 in concentrate                              170 washes per Litre                                                         Shelf Life: 2 Years


Contains: Anionic surfactants/ Non-ionic surfactants/ Ethoxylated compounds/ Glycols/ Alfa Olin Sodium/ Cocamige DEA/ Coco Betaine/ Citric Acid/ Filtered Water

Medical: Avoid contact with eyes… Flush with fresh clean water & seek medical assistance.

Avoid swallowing… Drink milk or water & immediately seek medical help.

Storage: Keep away from Food Stuff.  Avoid heat and sunlight 

 Shake drum before decanting & use


Sadies 'Zink' Dish Wash Liquid - 5 Litre


Sadies 'Zink' Dish Wash Liquid - 10Litre


Sadies 'Zink' Dish Wash Liquid - 15Litre


Sadies 'Zink' Dish Wash Liquid - 20Litre