'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash 'CONCENTRATE'

'Dynamic 2X' Double Strength - 'Ready-to-Use CONCENTRATE

Sadie's 'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash a unique biodegradable, water softener concentrated formula provides 'Whitening Power' with brighter results and a fresh 'DynaFresh' fragrance.

Sadie's 'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash contains derivatives of coconut oil,  plus a water softener, which helps protect the machine's wetted parts, and a refreshing 'DynaFresh' fragrance. Biodegradable to Australian Standards and slightly alkaline (pH8).

Sadie's 'Dynamic' Laundry Wash drain water (bubbles ‘n all) may be used as Grey Water on all trees and bushes with exception of plants that require an Acid Soil condition... ie Azaleas, Gardenia, Rhodedendrons, Camelia etc..

We do not recommend using grey water on vegetable gardens.


'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash 'Ready-to-Use DOUBLE STRENGTH CONCENTRATE' _ 5 Litre


 Environmentally Responsible



Top Loader:

Light Soil – 1 cap full (15ml)…. Heavy Soil – 2 cap full (30ml)

Front Loader:

Light Soil – 1 cap full (15ml)  

For heavy stains (blood_red wine_oil) apply 1 cap full to the stain area, gently rub the concentrate directly onto the garment or material, and add to the normal wash load.

pH8 in concentrate                        50-60 Wash per Litre                       Shelf Life 2 Years                              

Contains: Sodium Xylene Sulphonate/ Anionic surfactants/ Non-ionic surfactants/ Ethoxylated compounds/ Glycols/ Teric GN9/ other/ DynaFresh Fragrance / Filtered Water

Independent tests show Sadie's to be One if the Best of 20 national manufacturers

Please refer to - www.lanfaxlabs.com.au [click on 'link to 2009 Laundry Wash Research']  [click on right column 'Liquids-09']

Medical: Avoid contact with eyes… Flush with fresh clean water & seek medical assistance.

Avoid swallowing… Drink milk or water & immediately seek medical help.

Storage: Keep away from Food Stuff.  Avoid heat and sunlight 

Shake before use 

'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash 'Ready-to-Use'_ 10Litre


'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash 'Ready-to Use' _ 15 Litre


'Dynamic' Liquid Laundry Wash 'Ready-to-Use' _ 20 Litre